"n.eo" - rather noteveryone stands for an understatement and for unusual, fresh as well as revolutionary. The band was formed in 2013 from an earlier band project. Old members were said goodbye to and new members were welcomed to the band. Not only did the band change its formation but they also developed musically and to return to their roots, they chose the new name. 

The young band from Basel makes an effort to turn the evening into a good evening by bringing variety into their britpop-rock line-up with a wide range of songs, from ballads to rock songs. These have the audience stamp with their feet at one moment while having them revel in their memories and thoughts at another time. 

"n.eo" stands for honest and genuine music and feels obliged to the British music tradition. The band will release their debut album in November. You can look forward to the new songs. 

Marcus Wyss

Vocals / A-Guitar

Kathrin Saxer

Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals


Emanuel Schad

Bass /

Backing Vocals

Carole Martin