8th September 2019

JKF 2019 - a success

A new location, new songs and new outfits were the motto of this year's JKF. We thank everybody who came and supported us. See you again in two years ;-)


- glitter -

30th April 2019

n.eo at JKF 2019


Thanks to your support, we made it to JKF once again this year. The band would like to say a huge thank you to their fans.


- the dream continues -


Saturday 7th September 2019


Klosterhof Stage, Basel

3 - 3.40 pm


- see you there - 

14th April 2019

Vote for n.eo


Two years ago, thanks to your generous voting we made it onto the stage at JKF.


Will you help us again this year?


Voting will take place until 21st April 2019. 


- another wish -


12th April 2019

Monday Blues with n.eo


Monday Blues with n.eo on Monday, 29th April 2019 at 9 pm at the Grenzwert in Basel.

16th October 2018

First Music video!


It's been quiet around us for a long time but we used this tranquility to work on new songs and to record our very first music video. We are immensely proud to present it to you here:


- hold on -

1st March 2018

n.eo at tis!


What a night and what a gig at Atlantis in Basel. To be on the same stage as Ozzy Osbourne, Kuno Lauener and Co. felt very special and Atlantis' ambience was plain fantastic. We'd like to thank the audience for coming and the Atlantis team for the hospitality. Photos can be found here.

We're planning new gigs now and we can finally be creative again and devote ourselves to creating new songs. Be curious!


- walk 'tis way - 


27th February 2018

Atlantis tonight!


Tonight we're playing in the legendary Atlantis which can look back on more than 70 years of music culture and which is well known in Basel and beyond. Be there to see n.eo live at tis!


- tis - 


22nd January 2018

One can always dream...


Today we registered for the "Waldbühne" on the Gurtenfestival and as with the JKF voting, we need your support. As we all know you are very diligent voters and who knows, maybe it will be enough to play on the "Hausberg" in Berne. That would be ace!

You can vote under this link here:


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15th January 2018

First gig in 2018!


The first gig of the new year was in Paradiso. As the first band of this pilot project called abschalt.bar, which aims to offer food and live music to welcome the evening, we played to a full house.

The next gig will be at Atlantis which we hugely look forward to .


- starting off the new year - 



28th November 2017

Wonderfully successful album release party!


What a successful album release party: full house, cheerful faces and finally releasing our album. This evening could not have been more wonderful. Now we can confidently let this year come to an end and look forward to the future of n.eo which is looking quite rosy indeed. Photos of the album release party can be found here.


We want to thank you all from the bottom of

our hearts - you are the absolute best!


- what a night -


16th November 2017

Only a week from now!


More than a year of preparation, a week in the studio as well as one for the mastering, several hours of photoshooting, many meetings on the artwork, an hour as guests on the radio and now, it's finally time: the first album by n.eo with 12 songs will be released on the 25th of November in the Rockfact Music Club in Münchenstein. 

To put it briefly: it was worth all the effort! We're looking forward to having each one of you there and we already thank you for

all your support. We would also like to thank

sincerely Musikschule Aesch-Pfeffingen that

supported this project.


- album release party - 


26th October 2017

Quick Reminder: n.eo on the radio


On 1st November from 11 pm to 1 am, the programme by Radieau Chapeau, of which we were a guest, will be aired - the subject is "Fever" - appropriate for this time of the year. You can either listen to it live over DAB+ (for Aarau, Basel, Luzern-Zug-Nidwalden, Winterthur-Schaffhausen and Zurich), over air or simply via the Kanal K Player. More info here.


- tune in - 



19th October 2017

Autumn Session


And the gig in the "Markthalle" is already history - in the cosy living room of the "Markthalle", we could present our songs to the audience. It was very homely indeed and we really enjoyed the quieter set. 

This year, there's only our long-awaited record release party left, reserve the date: 25th November, from 9.30 pm onwards. 


- cosy autumn session - 

                                                                                                                                                                 © Alessio Campo

7th October 2017

Visit at Kanal K


Yesterday, we payed a visit to Kanal K in Aarau. In the music programme Radieau Chapeau, we were able to announce and present our upcoming album, play two live songs and talk about our favourite topic: music. You can listen to the programme on 1st November 2017 from 11 pm to 1 am. Details will follow.

On a final note, a quick reminder: next week, Friday 13th October, we're playing in the pleasant ambience of Markthalle from 8.30 pm onwards. This weather more than lends itself to linger in the warm and cozy living room at Markthalle, whilst listening to our music.

We're excited.


- autumn session -


14th September 2017

Soon in the living room of the "Markthalle"


The gigs are now following one after the other: after our gig at BonAir and at JKF follows our gig in the living room of the "Markthalle" - this time maybe a bit calmer, almost unplugged. Reserve the date: Friday, 13th October 2017 at 20.30 pm. This will be the last gig before our big record release party in November. 


- reserve the date - 


11th September 2017

n.eo at JKF 's 20th anniversary


It began at 3.20 pm sharp and lasted only 40 minutes. Still, it was an unbelievable experience. We would like to thank JKF for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and are grateful to all the people who listened to our music - be it friends, family, work colleagues or just those people who walked by, heard our music and stayed for a moment. "The music sounds like the one from 50 years ago", so the feedback of a delighted passersby. We are humbled. 

Photos from the gig are in progress,                                                                                                       

a few can be found here


- 20 years of JKF - 


17th August 2017

New design and countdown for JKF!


In time for the youth culture festival (JKF) in Basel, our website comes in a new design and is even bilingual now, available in German and English. It's been quiet here lately due to the summer holidays but by now, everyone is back and we're busy rehearsing for our gig at JKF on the Elisabethen stage at 3.20 pm. It's only 15 days until the 2nd September, we're getting excited.


- excitement is building up -

14th June 2017

Photos BonAir 2017


It's been just 10 days since BonAir. We enjoyed our gig very much and it seemed that especially the young ones were pleased, dancing along to the music. Photos from the gig can be found here


- wallowing in memories - 

12th June 2017

Single Fever Release!


Very proudly we present our single Fever from the upcoming album "noteveryone" which will be released in November 2017. 

You can listen to the song on our music page. 


- fever - 








2nd June 2017

Patchwork Family On Tour!


The band bus is tightly packed, the voice is sharpened, the guitars are tuned. Also, we have a little something - a surprise - for you packed as well. You can look forward to it. We are absolutely jumping for joy and can't wait to see you all there. 


- we're ready - 




5th May 2017

Back to the mountains!


This year, we return to the mountains to play a gig. This time not in nature's bosom but still in the heart of Bonaduz, at the village festival called BonAir. 


We're looking forward to it and are happy for some support from Basel. 


- here we go - 









JUMA Website

BonAir on Facebook




24th April 2017



Thanks to your diligent voting, we got the second most votes and are playing on one of the stages at the youth-culture festival (JKF) that takes place from 1st to 2nd September 2017 in Basel. We thank you all for the immense support and are tremendously happy. 


- thanksthanksthanks


 Verein Neues JKF - www.jkf.ch

23rd April 2017

The songs are recorded!


Equipped with landjäger, beer and Kinderchocolate, we've spent three unforgettably funny and exciting days in the studio. The 12 songs are all recorded and are now only waiting to be mixed, mastered and burned to CD. 


- Landjäger for life -

11th April 2017

What about JKF this year?


The day after tomorrow, we're hitting the studio and are already overly jittery. 

What a year it would be if we were also to perform at this year's youth-culture festival (JKF) in Basel. All we need is one minute of your time and your vote. THANK YOU!


- get voting -



Verein Neues JKF - www.jkf.ch

Link to the voting: https://www.jkf.ch/de/acts/Y3N

30th March 2017

And another great news: this summer, we'll return to the beautiful grisons. Not in nature's bosom this year though, but at the heart of Bonaduz, namely at the village festival BonAir, organised by JUMA. Although we're completely deep in thought about the album recording, we can hardly hide our delight about being able to play at BonAir on 3rd June 2017. 


- More to follow -


JUMA Website

BonAir on Facebook

25th March 2017

Brace yourselves


Finally, we're complete again and have great news ready. It's been a long time waiting for it, we've already been secretly delighted and are now able to tell you all with great joy: over Easter, we're packing our bags and we're going to the studio to record our album. It will be released in November this year. 

We can hardly wait. Roll on Easter!


- stand tall, stand proud -



20th December 2016

Over 100 Likes on facebook!


With over 100 likes on facebook, we're approaching the end of this successful and productive year 2016. We are looking forward to an even greater and even more promising year 2017. Stay curious.


- brace yourselves -













28th September 2016

We're on youtube!


And finally, we have our own account on youtube. Here is our channel. You find an acoustic version of Come Outside and a live version of Rain on Me, performed at the openair Safiental, on youtube. 


- stay tuned -

13th September 2016

Finally some music!


It has almost been two months since the Safiental festival and we're still indulging in sweet memories about it. At the same time, we've been working hard and have recorded two demos, which we of course want to show you. You can listen to two new songs in our music section: Face the Sun and Before the Rain Starts. 


We're in the process of planning gigs for autumn.


- stay tuned - 

18th July 2016

It was bloody wonderful!


In a beautiful setting, we were playing at the 16th edition of the openair Safiental and it was bloody wonderful - thank you to all who came out to watch us, to support us and for the welcoming arms in the backstage area. 


- thank you -


Photos can be found here and on the facebook page of the openair Safiental here

15th July 2016

Nus essan promts - 


We still need to practice our Romansh, but we're more than ready for the openair Safiental tomorrow. 

We're incredibly excited. 



By the way, there's an article in the Südostschweiz newspaper about the openair Safiental

7th June 2016

Tickets are available now!


As of late, the programme of the openair Safiental is now online - we're playing on Saturday at 4 pm. 

We're more excited by the day and practice is on full blast. 

If you want to be there, tickets are available here: 


- be there - 



24th April 2016

n.eo goes Safiental!


"Not out in the sticks, but in nature's bosom."


We are very delighted to announce that we'll be playing at this year's openair Safiental on 16th July in the beautiful Grisons.

We're very curious!


- save the date - 







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